About Leedall

Leedall is a proudly South Australian owned Company, established in 1980 and operating nationally.

Matching your needs to the right sustainable solution.

When you’re investing in AV, you need a partner and adviser who can make you aware of what’s possible and is able to engage with you and your team to tailor a solution that meets your needs cost effectively. At Leedall we examine from every angle, we listen and ask ‘why?’ We go deep into the detail so you can:

  • Meet the needs of today, that you have already identified
  • Meet the needs we uncover as we investigate and talk with you and your team
  • Prepare for the needs of tomorrow, so you’re ready and able to respond

We use our expertise to elevate yours.

The AV industry is ever-evolving. It can be complex, frustrating and your options seemingly endless. We’re here to demystify and simplify so you understand exactly what you need, why, and how it will benefit you.

Rather than a technology shopping centre, we’re a centre of technological excellence. Selecting the best range of hardware and software, working with the best partners, understanding the detail and potential so the solution you choose works perfectly for you.

Our Values


Ensuring AV and IT work in harmony

As AV merges with IT, we ensure our hardware and software solutions integrate with your existing IT systems. We collaborate with your IT people, creating seamless integration and implementation, avoiding wastage, double-handling and cross-platform confusion.

Bringing people together, dismantling the barriers.

Our systems are designed to be tools of inspiration, not intimidation. We create the best, most sustainable solution for your needs underpinned by a simple user experience. And then we train your people in how to use it to collaborate more, communicate better and unite teams wherever they are, so they can achieve the outcomes they desire/want.

Let's get started

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