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As an accredited provider of Defence-certified products, we’re positioned to deliver the solution you need faster.

  • Simplify the complexities with a tailor-made system you can trust.
  • Customisable, scalable, sustainable solutions for bringing teams together.
  • Share knowledge and work collaboratively with the assurance of customised security.
  • Share, collaborate and innovate with a system designed for your environment and specifications.

From certified products and partners to up-to-the-minute technical expertise, we are the Defence-contractors go-to for turnkey integrated solutions. From design and delivery to ongoing service and support, we partner with you to ensures sustainable digital transformation.

Using world-class technology sourced from trusted partners, we can create an optimal mission-critical environment for your members. Our highly skilled technicians and AV specialists are experienced in designing and implementing AV solutions for the Defence industries that are seamless, secure and can be optimised to your requirements.

Integrate With Approved Systems For Optimum Security

  • Leedall’s suite of reliable and advanced AV solutions can be fully integrated with your unit’s approved systems, ensuring a secure environment for your armed forces to plan and prepare.

Reach You Can Scale

  • Broadening perceptions of what you can do today and being prepared for tomorrow, our solutions meet your current and future needs. Our solutions are designed to expand with you.

Flexibility You Can Optimise

  • Our innovative and cutting edge technologies supports a range of collaborative tasks optimised to foster control, communication and collaboration.

Security You Can Count On

  • Leedall solutions are designed to military standards and meet the security classifications for the Defence industry.


Speak to one of our experienced AV specialists today to discuss how we can help support you.


Create exceptional experiences that elevate and influence your community

We understand the responsibilities of community services and the expectation to offer sustainable value. Our AV solutions are community-centric, led by the desires and demands of the people in your community.

Community Centres

  • Affordable AV solutions for community centres who have limited budgets. Leedall can install LCD screens, projectors, digital signage, sound systems, meeting collaboration technology and more. We provide support and training to ensure your staff feel confident in managing the technology.

Conference and boardrooms

  • Support your community with space for local and independent businesses to host conferences and meetings in a room that is fully equipped with technology that simplifies and enhances their meeting experience.

Video Walls And Digital Signage

  • Create impact and engage visitors with eye-catching displays that can be dynamically updated with content you can manage yourself.
Vietnamese Catholic Community Case Study

Speak to one of our experienced AV specialists today to discuss how we can help support you.


Innovative systems that support people, drive efficiency and flex with your workflow.

We understand the necessity for government bodies to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate in real-time, often across borders. We also understand the challenges that this can present for your workforce. With proven experience working with government departments, Leedall is fully equipped to transform the way you work, helping you maximise efficiency, support your staff and achieve the best possible outcomes for your department.

Evaluation, Customisation, Integration And Ongoing Collaboration

  • Expect all this and more from your dedicated team who are highly skilled and trained in AV solutions that bring your staff together.

Optimise Workspaces And Support Remote Teams With State Of The Art Tools That Bring People Together

  • Support your employees with technology and AV equipment that helps them connect, communicate and collaborate.

Maximise Efficiency Without Compromising On Security Or Ease Of Use

  • We understand that due to limited resources your department requires tools that maximise your employees’ efficiency without compromising on security.

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination and our consultants will be with you all the way. Visit our showroom to view some of our solutions or call one of our friendly experts today.


Sharing knowledge and collaborating without barriers for an elevated learning experience

Leedall designs smart solutions to foster more collaborative learning experiences. Our solutions can be tailored to a range of educational establishments, from early learning centres to universities. We enable teachers to harness the power of technology to deliver student-centred learning with ease.

Specialised Learning Spaces

  • Enhance learning experiences with specialised learning spaces to engage and educate students like never before.  

Flexible Solutions

  • Our solutions are tailored to your needs and offer flexibility for your staff, your students and for the future.

World-Class Digital Tools That Enable Student-Led Learning

  • Partnered with some of the finest technology companies in the world, Leedall brings world-class digital tools to your classroom.  

Putting people at the heart of pedagogies with intuitive tools for enhanced learning experiences. Visit our showroom to view some of our solutions or call one of our friendly experts today.


Invest in inclusive technology that supports open communication and infinite collaboration

Meet the demands of a corporate workplace with technology that helps boost performance, drive efficiency and spark innovation. Leedall’s full suite of AV products and solutions will streamline and optimise your communication technology empowering you to collaborate without hindrances.

Transform Teamwork With The Right Tools For A Seamless Workflow

  • Through an extensive needs analysis, we’ll uncover the right tools to help you create and maintain a seamless workflow.  

Optimise Space, EfficiencyAnd Value With Sophisticated, Multifunctional Solutions

  • Our projects incorporate a range of multi-functional solutions that optimise your space and your work experience.

Galvanise Remote Teams With Smart Tools For Sharing And Collaboration

  • No matter where your team members are based, our technology will create fast and convenient connections between them enabling powerful collaboration that helps them reach their goals.  
AV Over IP Whitepaper

Work is changing. We’ll design a system that keeps you ahead. Visit our showroom to view some of our solutions or call one of our friendly experts today.