About Leedall

Supporting Australian organisations to empower their staff or students with Audio Visual solutions that help them connect, collaborate and create.


Established in 1980, Leedall is one of the leading Audio Visual solutions providers in South Australia and Nationally.

For more than 40 years, Leedall has transformed education, defence, government and community organisations with audio visual solutions and technology integration that help the workforce create, connect and collaborate.

Our team of audiovisual professionals are highly trained and skilled delivering exceptional results with impeccable customer service. We’ve earned the business of many prestigious organisations like SAPOL, ASC, Naval Group, SAHMRI and RAA, to name a few.

We understand that each and every project is unique and deserves a unique solution tailored specifically to what you need. Through a discovery process, we unpack your needs, frustrations, fears and desires and design a solution that will enhance and empower the digital transformation within your organisation.

Future thinking that broadens possibilities and creates opportunities

We stay ahead so you know what’s possible. We ask in advance so there are no surprises. We think about tomorrow so you’re ready. We help you embrace and use new technology to learn, work and collaborate with ease to achieve optimal outcomes.

Broadening perceptions of what can be done today, helps you get more done tomorrow. By asking the right questions, we create a space for new possibilities, embracing technology and creating a user-centric environment in your organisation. A place for dynamic engagement and innovative thinking.

Our Values

Excellence + Integrity

Meticulous and thorough, we pride ourselves on pure excellence in all we do. We manage our work and our relationships with integrity and care.

Honesty + Creativity

Honesty is the foundation of our partnership with your organisation. Leedall promises, above all, to be honest and transparent. Our team may be technical individuals, but we breathe creativity into everything we do, challenging ourselves with ‘out the box’ ideas that help your organisation excel.


Opportunities increase when you help others. We are committed to building long-lasting partnerships with our clients, helping them create and maximise opportunities within their organisation.


Matching your needs to the right sustainable solution

As your dedicated AV solutions provider, we promise to give you more than just AV solutions. We’ll become your partner. Your adviser. A trusted resource that will help you maximise your business’ potential and create forward-thinking solutions that drive success.

Astute and highly analytical, Leedall examines a project from every angle. We ask ‘why?’ and narrow down the details to ensure we understand your needs on an organisational, team and individual level.

Ensuring AV and IT work in harmony

As AV merges with IT, we ensure our hardware and software solutions integrate with your existing IT systems. We collaborate with your IT professionals, creating seamless integration and implementation, avoiding wastage, double-handling and cross-platform confusion.

Let's get started

Broaden possibilities and create opportunities with AV solutions that amplify experiences and organisational success. Talk to one of our specialists today.