Capturing the attention of more than 38 000 motorists daily. Leedall – Future Thinking assists Guardian Insurance become the highlight of Henley Beach Road.


The Project

South Australian owned and operated, Guardian Insurance are insurance brokers providing pro-active and personalised services to professionals and business owners throughout Adelaide.

With the goal of finding a more efficient and targeted way to attract the attention of potential clients, Guardian Insurance approached Leedall to provide a solution that would allow them to control their business’ messaging and speak directly to the local community.

 “When you drive into the city on Henley Beach Road you’re passing directly past our office. We could have chosen to advertise on TV or social media, but we thought, with a signage solution we’re in control of our messaging and talking directly to the people living within our immediate area.”

– Evan Jackson, Managing Director – Guardian Insurance. 

To achieve the desired outcomes, Leedall would need to apply clever engineering to deliver a bespoke solution that melded into the buildings existing architecture to deliver a solution with an impact that commanded attention.

Guardian Insurance LED Installation in Progress

The Business Challenge.

Seen by approximately 38 000 passing motorists daily, Guardian Insurance is located on the busy city thoroughfare of Henley Beach Road.

To capture their attention, Leedall would need to leverage the building’s large façade to provide an external signage solution integrating with a simple and flexible content management system to allow Guardian Insurance to update and be in control their message in real time.

Exposed to direct sun throughout the day, the solution would need to be bright enough to compete with the suns brightness and robust enough to deal with Adelaide’s extreme heat and weather conditions.

To ensure the solution would be clearly legible and stand out for both east and westbound directions, the solution would require a bespoke engineered mounting solution to ensure the message could be seen from multiple angles.

Guardian Insurance for Professionals & Business Owners

 Future Thinking Solution

Totalling 18sqm, two giant Unilumin LED UsurfaceIII6.7 displays, uniquely rated for outdoor conditions, wrap around the building’s exterior taking full advantage of the building’s exterior ensuring it will be seen by traffic from any direction of travel.

Mounted to a bespoke mounting frame, designed by the Leedall team, 150 individual LED modules were installed in pieces to conform to the building’s architecture and blend seamlessly around it’s right-angle edge.

 “Having dealt with Leedall for over five years, the thing they’ve always represented for us as a business is quality and reliability. When something has gone wrong, they’ve always been there to fix it. They’re one of Adelaide’s best kept secrets”.

– Evan Jackson, Managing Director – Guardian Insurance 

To ensure the safety of motorists, council regulations dictated differing maximum brightness levels depending on the weather conditions. To accommodate, an integrated sensor was utilised to automatically adapt the screens brightness in relation to ambient lighting conditions.

To allow flexible control of content, the displays processors connect to both displays allowing any image to be stretched or split via a PADS4 content server offering an easily managed solution that the Guardian Insurance team can manage and update from anywhere.

Guardian Insurance Henley Beach Rd

The Result

Guardian Insurance are the highlight of Henley Beach Road and the talk of the town.

The bespoke LED installation has put Guardian Insurance in control of their messaging, resulting in an overwhelming increase in community engagement and serving to successfully attract the attention of new clients.

 “It definitely got people talking, every new client tells us they’ve seen our sign. It’s allowed us to differentiate our product offering beyond expectations and has served as a way to give back to the community through our engagements with not-for-profit organisations. We’ve now purchased a 1300 number so it’s easier to remember.”  

Evan Jackson, Managing Director – Guardian Insurance 

The overall LED solution has provided Guardian Insurance with a strong visual impact for passing motorists serving to bolster the brands recognition and increasing the awareness of their full range of services in the area. The project has been so successful, the Guardian Insurance team are now considering installing a second screen.

Download Case Study: Highlight of Henley Beach Road | Guardian Insurance


Project Owner – Jason Skene 

Author – Brad Eather