Leedall – Future Thinking assisted RAA Insurance to realise their ambitions of creating an engaging in-store experience that captured the attention of passer by foot traffic and amplifies their customer impact.


The Project

RAA is South Australia’s longest standing membership organisation. Operating state-wide across 18 stores and online, for over 120 years the team have provided valuable motor, home, and travel services.

Originally approaching Leedall to update their instore print poster signage with a fully managed digital signage solution. Leedall were re-engaged to expand upon the existing system to align with their current business objectives. The brief: to increase foot traffic, boost awareness of their range of services and engage a younger audience.

Achieving the desired outcomes would require a flagship technology solution that would elevate RAAs retail experience beyond their current capabilities. Under Leedall’s guidance, two eye-catching giant LED displays were selected to create a statement at their Elizabeth City Centre and Westfield Marion stores.

RAA Marion Store

The Business Challenge.

Bespoke to each individual store, both displays needed to be flexible enough to adapt to the unique rectangular dimensions of each location while maintaining continuity in aspect ratios across sites for easy content management.

To achieve RAAs objectives, both displays needed to be large enough to fill each space, bright enough to demand attention and of a high enough resolution to ensure content would be clear and readable from close proximity.

“We wanted the displays to make a statement, something that would catch the attention of our customers. We could have chosen smaller screens, but we wanted to make our shop stand out, look special and give it a real point of difference.”

Matthew Selth, Senior Manager Retail Sales at RAA.

Providing the best possible solution isn’t just about technology. Leedall had to strike the right balance between a technical solution capable of achieving the clients desired outcomes at a price point that matched expectations.

“Leedall are a great partner. They’ve been on the journey with us for at least five years, and it’s a relationship built on a number of different projects being delivered successfully. So, we had confidence that it would be the right solution because of the history and our experience with their suggestions and solutions that had previously hit the mark.”

 Matthew Selth, Senior Manager Retail Sales at RAA

Future Thinking Solution

Fundamental to the success of the project was ensuring the technology solution was primed and ready to turn the heads of pedestrians traffic and demand attention.

To achieve this, two Samsung Indoor LED displays were selected to provide the flexibility to fit bespoke screen shapes to the unique dimensions of each room. The high brightness, 2.0 fine pixel pitch resolution delivering a premium visual impact and ensuring that the displays are easily legible from various distances.

“The quality is always there with Samsung. RAA wanted something bold and inspiring that would make people stop as they were walking past and that’s certainly what’s been achieved.”

Darren Lewis, Project Lead at Leedall.

Integrating with their existing digital signage solutions, a PADS4 content management solution allows content to be distributed from a centrally managed remote location across their multiple store locations.

(Sizes: 4.8 metres x 1.62 metres in the Elizabeth City Centre / 3.84 metres x 2.16 metres in at Westfield Marion)

The Result

An immersive and captivating retail experience that’s impossible to ignore.

Installing these displays has truly made a statement allowing RAA to expand their existing in-store content management solution and enabling their marketing team greater flexibility to create engaging content. Vibrant images of exciting adventures help to capture attention, while highlighting RAA’s travel services. The light, uplifting content has made a positive impact on customers visiting the store and assisted to engage a younger demographic as intended.

 “The impact on the overall feel of these spaces is the number one advantage of having an LED display. Having such large-scale movement and colour within the shop makes a real difference. When I observe people coming into the Marion and Elizabeth City Centre stores, their eyes go to the big screens every time.”

Matthew Selth, Senior Manager Retail Sales at RAA

The attention-grabbing displays have a strong visual presence in both stores. The RAA team are looking forward to installing more Indoor LED displays across their stores in the future.

Download Case Study: A Head Turning Retail Experience | RAA


Project Owner: Darren Lewis 

Author: Brad Eather